Learn How SinglesCruise Works

A SinglesCruise is a different sale than a regular cruise – from the way we price to the actual onboard experience. That’s why we recommend that all agents who want to earn great commissions selling SinglesCruises read our Sales & FAQ Guide.

Not sure if SinglesCruise is right for your clients? We’ve also compiled a Quick Facts Sales Sheet which summarizes the main benefits and key program information for you all in one place.

Presentation for Singles Clubs

This PowerPoint presentation is a great way to present the SinglesCruise concept to singles clubs in your area. You can customize the last slide with your photo and contact information.

Click here to download the presentation

Departure Guide PDF

We have created a customizable Departure Guide for your clients – a summary of all SinglesCruise groups. After downloading the PDF, fill in your contact information and select, Print to PDF. This will save the pdf with your customization and make it no longer editable. You can then send this resource to your clients in print or digitally.