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"Me and another lady went ALONE this year on the same Europe itinerary as Singles Cruise. We were VERY disappointed on the cruise with no one to hang with and it was loaded with families and many teens. I wish we knew you were also cruising there. Ugh."

Susan D.

My favorite singles cruise memory was from last July on the Mediterranean voyage. I met fabulous people and it was so wonderful. Seeing the sites with these new friends was beyond words. Some of us are heading out again this July for another European adventure. Can't wait!


Call me Crazy! My best singles cruise was the Dead in the Water Cruise on the Carnival Splendor in 2010. There was a fire in the engine room and we were stranded at sea for days with no power and surviving off salads and spam. We had nothing, but each other with the Singles Group. We became close friends, whom I keep in touch with. The disaster brought us close to each other. We had a special bond.


I have taken three singles cruises and have enjoyed all of them. The best so far has been the New Year's cruise. It was so much fun celebrating on the deck with all the singles! The ports are great and the people made it a ton of fun.


My favorite singles cruise memories include the baths in Tortola, a Honduras dolphin swim and climbing the Dunn's River falls in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Ohh yeah, and meeting all the fun loving singles that cruise with!!!


I wanted to share the joy I’ve had in my life since sailing with in January 2009. On the very first snorkeling excursion, I met the man who would become my future husband! He was a country boy from North Carolina. I was a city girl, originally from Toronto Ontario, living in the Canadian Arctic ~ two different cultures, two different countries, but one burning desire for love and commitment. One year from the date of our snorkeling excursion, Rendy proposed and we got married last summer on the Arctic Tundra, dressed in traditional attire. We are thrilled to be married and are loving married life!


Taking a singles cruise was the best thing that I have done, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Neither my husband nor I expected to meet our soul mate on the cruise; we both just wanted to have a good time and meet new friends. Brian and I met at dinner on the first night of our June 13 singles cruise in 2009. Over the next week we ended up spending time together. As the end of the cruise approached, we didn't know if we would see each other again as I was from Australia and Brian from the US. We ended up seeing each other every 3 months, either I would fly to the US or Brian would come to Australia. Almost 9 months to the day after we met (in March 2010), Brian proposed while he was in Australia. We were married in the US on July 5, 2010 and now plan to move to Australia!


I recently took the Spring Bash Cruise and was very impressed. As this was my first time doing a vacation with a group I was quite concerned about whether it would be well organized etc. From the moment I booked, I felt that this was very well organized and I felt part of the group. The message boards are great and it gave me the opportunity to share my pre-cruise room in Miami with two other ladies, whom I had never met. This worked out great for the three of us-two of which were 1st timers. I will definitely recommend Singles Cruise to others who are looking to travel but don’t want to travel alone. I have spoken of SC so much since my return and hope to travel with you all again soon. This was a vacation I will remember forever.


Holy smokes! This is was the best trip and first real vacation I ever had! I got tired of waiting for friends and family to be ready to travel. The travel agents were fantastic, plus using the message boards before the cruise helped to feel even more comfortable and excited about the trip. I met so many wonderful people I became friends with from day one. The cocktail parties and the group activities were the best parts of the trip, just having the chance to meet people and be silly together and sometimes meet a special someone you'll want to connect with.


"I’ve met over 1,000 singles with in less than two years, and I haven't encountered anyone I didn't like. It is like a family picnic going on these cruises as everyone watches out for each other and everyone is there to have a great time. I have made some great lasting friendships from all over the globe and some even in my own neighborhood. Thank you Singles Cruise for getting us all together."


"This cruise provided me a safe haven where I was able to meet and interact with other people like myself. It was great because there was a wonderful variety of personalities in the group which allowed me to find people that I had a lot in common with. I made a lot of good friends as well as found my lifetime Cruise Mate".


"I went on my first cruise with, in fact my first cruise ever, in January of 2006. I had a great time! But, I won’t be able to go on another one. Want to know why? I won’t be single much longer - I met my fiancée Trish on that cruise! We met about halfway through the cruise in Grand Cayman swimming with the Stingrays. We were standing in line trying to reboard the tender from our excursion and started talking. The following days we tried to spend as much time together as possible doing activities with the singles group, dancing, partying, swimming, and relaxing. I never thought that I would meet the woman of my dreams at sea. Thank you for making this all possible!"


"Well, there I was on the April 2006 20/30s cruise when I was introduced to a gorgeous young lady named Jessica. We kept in touch via telephone and email while I was stationed in Germany and Afghanistan with the US Army. I booked the Halloween '07 cruise shortly after arriving in Afghanistan and informed all my cruising buddies (including Jessica) that if they could join me on the cruise that would really make my vacation all the more better. Together we shared a wonderful cruise with great friends and, in my case, family, since my father was aboard as well. Before I returned to Afghanistan, I flew up to Calgary to propose to Jessica and she accepted! Thank you,, for bringing us together...twice!"


"I am really thankful and blessed that through I have met and made lifelong friendships with amazing people including my soul mate. My fiancé and I had a connection that we knew had begun on the Halloween 2004 singles cruise and was just getting stronger and better on the Mexican Riviera 2005 singles cruise. Ever since then, we have spoken on the phone every day and have seen each other every eight to 10 weeks even though I live in Texas and he lives in England. He proposed during my family vacation in Key West and we got married the fall of 2008."


"A singles cruise gives you the opportunity to meet other interesting people and create friendships from all over the world. I went on my first singles cruise in April 2005 not looking for that special someone, but for fun and sun. I had such a great time and met so many new friends, some of whom I stay in touch with to this day. On my second singles cruise over Halloween 2005, I still wasn't looking for a serious relationship, but I ended up meeting my future husband Jim from Vancouver."


"I recently traded beach sand for snow by moving to Cleveland from North Carolina. I quit my job, sold my house and sold my car, but it was worth it to gain my husband Nick. We started talking on the last day of the Memorial Day singles cruise in 2005 and dated long distance for three years until we recently got married."


"I never thought in a million years I'd meet "the one" on a singles' cruise. I was wrong! We met onboard and discovered so many common interests on our first dinner together that we spent the remainder of the cruise together. With him in New York, and me in Memphis, we both assumed our wonderful week together would be it. We began to talk daily and after a month, I surprised him with a visit to New York. That was the first of many visits and I proposed one year to the day of our meeting. We are now both living in Nashville and have set our wedding date for next Fall – four years to the day of our first dinner together onboard the singles cruise. Take a chance and meet the love of your life!"


"This was the "Best" vacation I have ever taken. I can not say enough about the greatest seven days of ultimate relaxation. The friends that I have met from all over the world and the networking is something that I would have never imagined. It has been five weeks since the cruise and I am still talking to my friends and family about how wonderful it was. I am working on planning the next one and can not wait for another fun packed vacation for a very reasonable price. I have a few single girlfriends that are looking at going with me on the next one. I can't wait! Kudos to you and your group for one of the best times of my life!"


"Joining was the best vacation I have taken this far. I have met some of the most interesting people from all over the world. Some that I hope will be lifelong friends. From the cocktail parties to snorkeling and the beaches were breathtaking! I am advising all single men and women to try it just once and your experience will be a wonderful memory. I am already planning my next cruise. Thank You Shelby for being a wonderful and fun Cruise Director!!!"


"After vacationing alone for years, I thought I'd like to do something with a group of like minded/same age of people. I found singles cruises, and now am about to go on my fourth one! It is an awesome way to meet new people and make new friends while still having the option to do as much or as little as you want in terms of the different activities. I am very shy on first meeting new people but I found everyone to be extremely friendly because most people are in the same boat (pardon the pun!!) as yourself. I have made so many friends in America and Canada whom I would never have otherwise met if not for singles cruises. The hosts are awesome and extremely helpful, friendly and professional. So if you're a single person who is looking for an awesome vacation and the opportunity to make some lifelong friends then do not hesitate to book on a singles cruise. I promise you will not regret it!"


"Making the decision to go on a singles cruise was the best decision I could have made! From the moment that I arrived at the pre-cruise hotel, I began one of the best adult vacations I have ever had. The diversity of the group was amazing. The staff made it virtually impossible not to have a good time. I did not know a sole when I arrived, and left with some wonderful friends. I was very unsure, taking my first cruise, wondering if I had made the right choice. Leaving the ship, I was thrilled that I had made the choice, and only sorry that I had not done it years earlier."


"My husband and I met on the After Thanksgiving Cruise last year and we just got married in September. He was living in Virginia and I in California. He moved to California three months after we met. It was love at first sight for both of us! We had a big, gorgeous wedding and reception out here in Newport Beach on a yacht. We thought the yacht would be appropriate as we met on the cruise!"


"To all of you out there asking "should I do this?" YES, but BEWARE it is habit forming, but in a good way. After a lot of soul searching about going with a group, sharing a room, etc, I tried it. That was four cruises ago and a fifth coming up soon. You can enter into all of the activities or just a few that is your choice, either way it adds something to your trip that you yourself can't do. No matter your age, join in, and go on a single cruise with" -Joni


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