7-Night Bermuda Cruise

Sail Date: July 9,  2023
Port: Cape Liberty, NJ
Ship: Celebrity Summit®
Ages: All Ages
Final Payment Date: March 26, 2023

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Sunday July 9, 2023 Cape Liberty, NJ (NY Metro) Ship departs 4:00PM
This cruise port, the first to be built in New Jersey in 40 years, provides the perfect setting to the beginning or end of any voyage and is conveniently located close to New York City. From your vantage point on the ship’s deck, you can look out over the most magnificent views as you cruise to Bermuda from New Jersey—the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, New York Harbor, and all of lower Manhattan. Its proximity to New York City makes it easy to spend a day or more exploring the Big Apple.  In fact, our 7-night sailings will take you past the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Sunday July 9, 2023 STATUE OF LIBERTY (CRUISING) 4:45PM – 5:30PM
Experience a top-deck view of the Statue of Liberty, perhaps the world’s best-known icon of freedom, opportunity, migration, democracy, and republican principals. Also known as Lady Liberty, the 151-foot iron and copper statue—305 feet with pedestal and foundation—is ranked among the most popular tourist sites in the United States. A Roman liberty goddess holds a torch above her head and a tablet inscribed “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI,” the founding date of the United States. A broken chain lies at her feet. A gift from France, the symbol was conceived as early as 1865 by Édouard Laboulaye, sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, engineered by Gustave Eiffel, constructed in Paris, and dedicated in New York Harbor on October 28, 1886

Monday July 10, 2023 At Sea
Enjoy a fun day at sea on board the Celebrity Summit and enjoy all the exciting Singles Cruise exclusive activities.

Tuesday July 11, 2023 At Sea
Enjoy a fun day at sea on board the Celebrity Summit and enjoy all the exciting Singles Cruise exclusive activities.

Wednesday July 12, 2023 ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD,BERMUDA 8:30
Royal Naval Dockyard has something for everyone—from adventure to relaxation. Taste local flavors and stroll through the many shops and museums near the sun-bleached Royal Naval Dockyard military fortress and the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Or, spend the day enjoying a scenic catamaran sail as you work on your tan and have the option to snorkel, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard in a secluded cove. Then, at night, experience all the hot dining spots, live music, and nightlife has to offer.

Bermuda is surrounded by beautiful reefs, which account for its history—and its well-earned reputation as a spectacular dive site. In 1609, the flagship of Admiral Sir George Somers was wrecked on these reefs while en route to the colony at Jamestown, Virginia. The crew then built two small ships and headed on to the American colony, but three sailors hid out and remained on the island. They were Bermuda’s first European settlers.

Friday, July 14, 2023 ROYAL NAVAL DOCKYARD,BERMUDA ship departs 4:00PM
The Caribbean isn’t the only place with beautiful, serene beaches. Venture out to pink sands and turquoise blue waters by visiting Bermuda on board Celebrity Cruises®. Explore Royal Naval Dockyard, ride a bike along the Railway Trail or scuba dive to visit shipwrecks and see underwater life. Whether it’s for seven days or more, this subtropical British territory is sure to leave an imprint in your memory.

Saturday, July 15, 2023 At Sea
Enjoy a fun day at sea on board the Celebrity Summit and enjoy all the exciting Singles Cruise exclusive activities.


Sunday, July 16, 2023 CAPE LIBERTY, NJ (NY METRO) ship arrives 8:00AM
The Celebrity Summit and all of our Singles Cruise guests arrive back in Cape Liberty, NJ. After an exciting time, full of fun and adventures, the cruise has finally come to an end. The memories and all your new found friendships will last a lifetime!


 Health and safety protocols are subject to change by local authorities and may vary in certain destinations.

For the most updated information, please continue to visit this page Celebrity Healthy at Sea


Pre-cruise Hotel and Mixer

Arriving a day early is recommended to avoid missing your group due to travel delays. We arrange a host hotel for the night prior to each sailing. We are usually able to obtain a group rate that is much lower than booking the hotels directly.

Our Pre-Cruise Get-Together is an informal gathering the night prior to sailing at a bar/restaurant located in our host hotel. It’s a nice way to meet others including your on-board cruise hosts who are in town a day early just like you. Come join the party!

Theme Nights

Each cruise generally has one or two formal nights on-board the ship where passengers get decked out in party dresses, evening gowns, suits or tuxedos. Don’t forget to pack your special outfits for the A list of theme nights will be available here approximately 60 days prior to departure. The majority of guests dress up in theme, however, you are welcome to come to the party even if you choose not to dress up in the suggested attire.

All events/times/locations and dress code are subject to change at the ship’s discretion.

Singles Mingles

On each cruise, you will receive an agenda packed with hosted activities and events you can join throughout the week to meet and socialize with new single friends. You can participate in as many events as you like – it’s your vacation so you decide! This will list theme nights, cocktail parties, dress code, activities and ports of call.

PLEASE PRINT this document and keep it on you at all times so you know where our group will be throughout the sailing. Thank you.

A link to your SinglesMingles activity guide will be provided in this section approximately 5-7 days prior to departure.

Shore Excursions

Tours provide an exciting way to explore and experience the exciting ports you are visiting while getting to know others in the singles cruise group. At Singles Cruise, we keep the fun momentum going by recommending an exciting shore excursion per port to give you the opportunity to be with other singles in your group. These tours are hosted by the vendor and are guaranteed to get you back to the ship for a timely departure.

Shore excursions will be available to purchase approximately 60 days prior to sailing.

Official Facebook Group

You’re invited to join our private Facebook Group – exclusively for booked guests on this sailing! Please do not forward this private link to other friends. This is a great place to chat with others who will be cruising with you and share your photos from the cruise. We will maintain the group for 2 weeks after disembarkation.

Important Notes: Access to this page is a privilege, not a right. We may delete posts and revoke access to anyone that violates our terms of use. If your Facebook name is not your legal booking name you must email with your legal name, sail date, Facebook name and wait 72 hours for approval.

The following posts are not acceptable:

  • Links or references to Unofficial FB groups
  • Links or references Unofficial Tours
  • Solicitation of any kind
  • Any posts causing negative feedback

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